World History X

"Considering History's greatest Mysteries."

by Brent Paul Pearson



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Book One:

prologue: Half Dreaming

Would you like a drink?
Pineal gland and the calcification
Can we talk about secret societies - Beyond the Pharaohs
About the Third Eye
Extraterrestrials & chakras
Religious systems
Mayans, and a criminal exploitation of ignorance
UFOs and what originally drew you in
The Majestic Twelve and the celestial quality of this number.
Can you tell me more about channeling
How do you feel about 2012
Are religions founded on all this witchcraft
Who's running the show? - Have you ever taken LSD?
Ramtha's reptilian brain and Hypnotism
Near Death Experiences
North American Union and near Extinction level events
Every solid piece of matter is a memory
Language is hypnotism
Manchurian hypnotism the Bardos Heaven & Hell
Do you believe in astrology
Fossil fuel
Earth taking breaths
World Trade Center & What the hell are the Reptilians?
What is this race, the Annunaki?
So what do you recommend we do in the mean Time?
Religions and aliens
Aleister Crowley
Past lives
What it means to believe
Believe in satan?


Can you tell me about tesla
A few near death experiences
Moon is private property
Fundamental source of petroleum
Wonderland physics
New World Religions
Apollonius of tyana
Alien sex perversions
Afterlife and ghosts
Money to speak
Space Control Centers
LSD & Scientology Training Routines
Information about ghosts
Stopped playing the violin
Swedenborg heaven and hell
Significance of gold
Muhammad in heaven for a night
Sodom and Gomorrah
Asteroid belt
Garden of eden
Wave form (snake) particle (apple)
Who is osho
More about dalai lamma
What is and isn't programming
The ultimate end
Talking about sawsen
Apocalypse now and the gita
You don't have to hold a gun to someone's head if they're already doing what you want
Loving science fiction as a kid
More about the dark side of the moon
Colin wilson and thE history of the occult
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Was osho into the Occult
The roll of sex or is there one
Sexual energy and hypnotism


living in the afterglow
the symbol of the snake
mapped mars only seen one percent of one percent
sending a human body into space
exo politics exo concoiusness
exoconciousness and health
holistic healing
chakras in scientology
getting interested in ghosts
beyond the light barrier
more on haarp and the frogs eye concept
subliminal marketing
jung and archetypes
thunderbolts dot com
operation terra and lyarra estes
another contender for the new world religion
email to george bush
celestial way and the creative mind out of control
the most psychotic experience in my life
want to talk about nightmares
a terrible dream the other night
more about the family of light
arent we all part reptilian
hubbards theory and the whole track
more about operation terra
after dianetics it became a dogma
heaven and hell


do you mind if i destroy my liver
what will my mother have to say
introduced to dianetics on LSD
can you give me a prophecy
dont find horror amusing
very unsettling dreams last night
the difference between clear light and lit-upness
can you tell me about christian science
had a girlfriend she died of cancer
swedenborg condemned to death during the plague by the catholic church
the palestinian fortress something out of the fucking dark ages
improvising my own ammunition
spiritual materialism
the hollow earth
death is like time travel
if you imprison any member of society you imprison the society itself
kabala and the woman archetype
the self realization fellowship
the hidden valley maintenance man
the freedom of information act
enlightenment and some kind of superiority
the people sharing this with the world
favorite artist and the rise of erotic yoga
why create a religion
the star of the east and the first steps of de-programming
voodoo is much more than black magic
magic is modern tchnology
crowleys magical studies come from Egypt
skepticism is very much like ignorance
magic true or not ture
scratching the surfact
believing in nothing and everything
read to you by the robot voice of your choice
senile john d riding his little bicycle
the guy stealing planes from himself
the oil fires in kuwait
morpho genetics
even an alien had to come from somewhere
you know what the most psychoactive drug in the universe is?
in heaven is there a common vision
do not caste your pearls before swine
liberation can be anything for some its crak or heroin or alcohol
suck my cock or ill blow your head off
why should i get rid of my books
what is unconditional love
own property stand on your head nude and piss at the moon
you haven't been to our island?
you couldn't believe the depth of my fatigue
you said in scientology you were humiliated
women predominate species
why is woman a greater hypnotist
a more peaceful afterlife
We're going to save the world
you think the devil is responsible for all illusions
is deception black magic
to cast a spell one needs only to speak
if the world were to end tomorrow what is the point of these discussions




































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