We are working on a new book called FUTURE EYES

This book is a collection of writing and imagery about the future.

With this book we wish to catch a glimpse of what will be... by imagining it.


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Including works by:

XOS 2 Exoskeleton

by Zachary Scott Hamilton

Dildoes Away2000

by James Vescovi


by Brent Goodman

New Worlds

by Grady Yandell

A Time to Die

by Maureen Wilkinson

Starlings in a Distant Garden

by Emily Calvin

The City Beyond the River

by Gregory Papadoyiannis

Pearls To Diamonds

by April Avalon

Second Chances: Simple Simon

by Justin Zipprich

From Space

by Lucille Gang Shulklapper


by F. J. Bergmann

What Could Come

by Kathamann

The Joy of Astrophysics

by Louis Gallo

The Man who was only History

by J. J. Steinfeld

Laura Love's Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

by Danica Green

Manga Girls Need Love! {The Aftermath of Future Wars in Tokyo G}

by Kyle Hemmings

The First Hint of

by Gabrielle Glancy

The Persistence of Vision

by C. E. Chaffin


by Michael Cadnum


by Marguerite Bouvard

A Question of Faith

by Leslie Cohen


by Mike Berger

Base (photo)

by Jason Lee Brown

Future Needed Books

by John McKernan


by Elena Botts

Fortune Forecasting

by Changming Yuan 

Art is Life: Pursuance

by Uzodinma Okehi

Second Blossoming

by Cynthia Rausch Allar

Blue Apocalypse

by Carol Dine

Deposition: The New World Order

by George Amabile

Genesis 187

by Jim Bainbridge

To Die with Eyes Wide Open

by Stanley H. Barkan  

Orbit by Human Endeavor

by Ben Nardolilli

To Its Logical Conclusio

by Andrei Guruianu


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